Military Solutions

Arizona Specialty Coatings serves the southwest region of the United States with technical expertise for the superior application of polyurea and polyurethane coatings. Our highly-trained team of applicators, project managers and spray coating experts work closely with each customer for an individualized solution. We understand that the success of your project depends on a variety of factors and professionals such as Arizona Specialty Coatings are there to recommend the appropriate course of action for material selection, surface preparation and application.

Arizona Specialty Coatings partners with qualified government contractors, military offices and law enforcement personnel to the deliver polyurea coatings with maximum blast and ballistics protection. Revolutionary for US military and defense, these coatings protect personnel in some of the highest-risk areas of the world. Devastation caused by explosion can result in a tremendous loss of lives and property. Leading suppliers of polyurea coating materials have spent years to formulate a variety of lightweight coatings that can withstand the massive force of an explosion. Blast simulations indicate a higher level of protection for assets properly applied with special formulations of polyurea. The Arizona Specialty Coatings team is trained to work with government agencies to select and accurately apply coatings that safeguard property and save lives.



  • Military buildings
  • Helicopter pads
  • Military vehicles
  • Protective ballistic vest inserts
  • Shielding
  • Helmets
  • Jail cells
  • Holding cells and detention centers
  • Military ambulance


  • Significant blast and ballistics protection
  • Unique explosive fragmentation mitigation
  • Excellent flexibility and expansion characteristics
  • Unsurpassed thermal stability
  • Unrivalled strength
  • Easily cleaned and sanitized
  • Impervious to bio-fluids and caustic materials
  • Exceptional abrasion and impact resistance
  • Coating retains original aesthetic
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