Military & Law Enforcement

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Arizona Specialty Coatings only partners with qualified government contractors, military and law enforcement personnel to the deliver polyurea mil1coatings with maximum blast and ballistics protection to save human lives and valuable property. Revolutionary for US military and defense, these coatings protect personnel in some of the highest-risk areas of the world.

Blast Mitigation
Devastation caused by explosion can result in a tremendous loss of lives and property. Leading suppliers of polyurea coating materials have spent years to formulate a variety of lightweight coatings that can withstand the massive force of an explosion. Blast simulations indicate that there is a higher level of protection for assets properly applied with precise formulations of polyurea. The Arizona Specialty Coatings team is trained to work directly with government agencies to analyze, select and accurately apply coatings to save lives and safeguard property.mil2

Law Enforcement Shielding and Protective Vests
Everyday law enforcement and military personnel put themselves in the line of fire to protect and serve our country and communities. Now personal gear such as, protective inserts for military ballistic vests, helmets, and law enforcement shields can be coated with polyurea to significantly increase safety. Polyurea’s physical properties provide unrivalled strength and ballistic protection for those in high-risk locations and at-home for when unexpected violent situations occur.

Holding and Detention Cellsmil3
Law enforcement holding and detention cells must withstand unusually harsh conditions and use. Contact with incarcerated persons in a variety of situations require that these cells have the utmost durability and sanitation. As with other chemicals and fluids, a polyurea coating creates an impervious barrier to bio-fluids and can be easily maintained and sanitized. Polyurea’s exceptional abrasion and impact resistance provides a deterrent for potential damage or vandalism, preserving it’s original aesthetic much longer than other coating techniques.


  • Military buildings
  • Helicopter pads
  • Military vehicles
  • Protective ballistic vest inserts
  • Law enforcement shields
  • Helmets
  • Jail cells
  • Holding cells and detention centers
  • Police vans


  • Significant blast and ballistics protection
  • Unique explosive fragmentation mitigation
  • Excellent flexibility and expansion characteristics
  • Unsurpassed thermal stability
  • Unrivalled strength
  • Easily cleaned and sanitized
  • Impervious to bio-fluids and caustic materials
  • Exceptional abrasion and impact resistance
  • Coating retains original aesthetic