Manufacturing & Technology

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Arizona Specialty Coatings delivers technically advanced coatings that are tough enough to tolerate high use and high traffic manufacturing areas and manuf1stable enough to be used in controlled clean room environments. Strength, durability and chemically resistant, polyurea is ideal for use in an extensive variety of manufacturing, processing or laboratory facilities.

High Traffic Areas
Polyurea coatings exhibit unrivaled tensile strength over other traditional coating materials. The durable nature of polyurea eliminates damage from repeated and excessive scraping, friction and erosive actions found in high-use or high-traffic areas such as loading zones or processing facilities. Polyurea coatings can be supplemented with anti-slip additives to further enhance the safety of any surface without altering its superior strength,manuf2 adhesion, durability or aesthetics. Fully protected, polyurea coated assets deliver an a significantly longer service lifetime and retain a “like-new” appearance.

Clean Environment Laboratories
Polyurea contains zero solvents and is invulnerable to chemicals, fluids and caustic materials. When properly applied, polyurea’s high dielectric strength resists decomposition and out-gassing better than any product on the market. Polyurea’s resistance to a broad-range of chemicals makes it perfect for use in cleanroom environments on items such as, laboratory flooring, high purity material storage and as a protective coating for part carts. Polyurea delivers a non-reactive material that protects and safeguards valuable assets without compromising the delicate nature of a clean environment.

Facility Maintenance and Energy Savingsmanuf3
Used as insulation, polyurethane foam expands and effectively seals all cracks, cavities and crevices on the treated surface producing an air-tight environment that drastically reduces ambient noise, prevents build-up of moisture and dangerous molds and delivers a climate-controlled environment for exceptional energy savings. Noise deadening and vibration diminishing characteristics of polyurea provide a quieter environment for enhanced productivity. Polyurea’s superior durability and resistance to chemicals, bio-fluids and moisture allow for quick and effective cleaning without damage to the original coating aesthetic.


  • Loading zones
  • Warehouses
  • High traffic areas
  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Clean room floors and storage
  • Food processing facilities and manufacturing
  • Controlled atmosphere environments
  • Fertilizer processing plants
  • Part carts


  • Air-tight and water-tight cleaner environment
  • Exceptional energy savings
  • Exceptional noise and vibration reduction
  • Extreme durability
  • Impervious to caustic materials
  • Zero solvents with no outgassing
  • USDA approved for food handling and preparation
  • Retains “like-new” appearance
  • Significantly extends the lifetime of assets