Law Enforcement

Arizona Specialty Coatings serves the southwest region of the United States with technical expertise for the superior application of polyurea and polyurethane coatings. Our highly-trained team of applicators, project managers and spray coating experts work closely with each customer for an individualized solution. We understand that the success of your project depends on a variety of factors and professionals such as Arizona Specialty Coatings are there to recommend the appropriate course of action for material selection, surface preparation and application.

For our customers in law enforcement, we deliver exceptional coatings with unrivalled strength and durability. Applied to any number of substrates such as protective inserts for ballistic vests, helmets and shielding, polyurea coatings can significantly increase the safety of law enforcement personnel from unexpected violent situations. Polyurea’s physical characteristics provide a important impermeable barrier to bio-fluid contamination when used in jail cells and police vans. Polyurea is easily cleaned to deliver a sanitary and safe environment for service employees and detainees. With exceptional abrasion and impact resistance, polyurea provides a strong deterrent to vandalism and protects public facilities from high-use wear and tear. The Arizona Specialty Coatings professionals can deliver the perfect polyurea formulation that extends the service life of public assets, retains a “like-new” appearance and improves safety measures.


  • Police buildings
  • Helicopter pads
  • Protective ballistic vest inserts
  • Law enforcement shields
  • Police helmets
  • Police vans
  • Jail cells
  • Holding cells
  • Detention centers


  • Significant blast and ballistics protection
  • Excellent flexibility and expansion characteristics
  • Unrivalled strength
  • Impervious to bio-fluid contamination
  • Easily cleaned and sanitized
  • Exceptional abrasion and impact resistance
  • Coating retains original aesthetic
  • Extends the lifetime of valuable assets
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